Tuesday, 26 September 2017

General Request

No. Title Description PDF File Word File
1 AS-3-10 General Request Thai English  
2 AS-3-15 Request Form for Extension of Study Duration Thai  
3 IR 03 Request Form for Visa Extension English  
4 TM.47 Form for Alien to Notify of Staying Longe than 90 days Thai English  
5 TM.7 Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom Thai English  
6 TM.8 Application for Re-entry Permit into the Kingdom Thai English  
7 GR.14 Grade Report / Transcript

Student who is studying now / student who is in the process to request for degree / former student requests for grade report or transcript of academic record

Thai English  
8 GR.16 A Certified Letter Enrollment and Graduation

Graduate students and non-graduate students request for English certified letter of enrollment,fee payment and graduation

Thai English  
9 GR 16 B Certified Letter Preparation, Examination and Submission Thesis

Certified letter of these title,the result of the these examination and letter of awaiting approval for the degree

Thai English  
10 GR.18 Request for Change of Given Name/ Surname/Title/Position/Address Thai English  
11 GR.23 Certification of Acceptance to Study Thai English  
12 GR.24 Request to Return to Work Thai English  
13 GR.25 Request to Extend Study Thai English  
14 GR.29 Request to take Students to a Work-Site Study/Work-Site Training Thai English  
15 GR.31 Request for Guest Faculty Thai English  

Total : 15 Forms