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Saturday, 9 December 2023

General Request

No. Title Description PDF File Word File
1 AS-3-10 General Request Thai English  
2 AS-3-15 Request Form for Extension of Study Duration Thai  
3 GR.14 Grade Report / Transcript

Student who is studying now / student who is in the process to request for degree / former student requests for grade report or transcript of academic record

Thai English  
4 GR.16 A Certified Letter Enrollment and Graduation

Graduate students and non-graduate students request for English certified letter of enrollment,fee payment and graduation

Thai English  
5 GR 16 B Certified Letter Preparation, Examination and Submission Thesis

Certified letter of these title,the result of the these examination and letter of awaiting approval for the degree

Thai English  
6 GR.18 Request for Change of Given Name/ Surname/Title/Position/Address Thai English  
7 GR.23 Certification of Acceptance to Study Thai English  
8 GR.24 Request to Return to Work Thai English  
9 GR.25 Request to Extend Study Thai English  
10 GR.29 Request to take Students to a Work-Site Study/Work-Site Training Thai English  
11 GR.31 Request for Guest Faculty Thai English  
12 SA.002 Student ID Card Request Form Thai English  

Total : 12 Forms