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Class Schedule GRID 521 Research Ethics

Class Schedule GRID 521 Research Ethics
Semester 2, Academic Year 2018
Lecture: English

23, 24 Feb., 3, 9, 17 Mar, 2019

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All Chairs of the Program Administrative Committee and Graduate Students, Mahidol University sees the importance of ethical research, rights protection and the well-being of human and animal subjects in experiments, and their security and environment under the international ethical standards and guidelines. The Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University offers an elective course, GRID 521 Research Ethics, 1 credit for the graduate students to gain the knowledge and understanding of research ethics, and to conduct appropriate research under ethical guidelines in laboratories. In each academic year, the course will be scheduled in 1st semester in Thai, 2nd semester in English and in the summer in Thai.

When the student completes the course, they will be able to:

  1. Explain the definition of ethical research and its guidelines, identify the authorship of published work and the ethical misconduct, and use the knowledge to appropriately conduct research with the awareness of rights protection and the well-being of human and animal subjects, and their biological security and environment.
  2. Explain the volunteer application, process of consent identification, vulnerable subjects, privacy protection, and confidentiality.
  3. Explain the ethical conduct in the care and use of animals in ongoing research.
  4. Analyze the problems occurring from unethical behavior and seek solutions.
  5. Criticize appropriate ethical conduct by using case studies.
  6. Explain principles and the sources of biological safety and security, and use them in research conducted applications in laboratories

Passing the GRID 521 course is equivalent to passing the research ethics seminar offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies

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