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Sunday, 19 May 2024


Site accessibility on Faculty of Graduate Studies's new site

Faculty of Graduate Studies is committed to making our web presence as accessible as possible and is endeavouring to make all aspects of our website Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 compliant. Our website has been built with accessibility as a consideration from the start and we would welcome any feedback. Please contact our Web Accessibility Officer if you have any suggestions or queries about the accessibility of this site.

If you wish to make use of the accessible features of this site, this page contains a number of instructions that will provide you with further information and aid you in accessing them.

Skip to content

There is a hidden ‘skip to main content’ and a second ‘skip to departmental menu’ link for screen reader users. This will be read out by your screen reader as the first link on the page and allow you to skip the default navigation that is included at the top of every page and go directly to the page content or local menu. To use this functionality, you will need to enable keyboard navigation within your browser and/or operating system as applicable.

Tabs and accordion items

Our site conforms to WAI-ARIA 1.0 by using arrow keys when a tab area is in focus. Details can be found on W3C’s site.

The same is true for accordion items on a page. To open the accordion item, press ‘enter’ and use arrow keys to move through the items. Details can be found on W3C’s site.

Changing font sizes

Faculty of Graduate Studies's site is designed to resize to the size of your window, and display a readable text size whichever device you are using. This new site has increased the font size from Faculty of Graduate Studies's previous design (Note there are many pages that are still in Faculty of Graduate Studies's old design, where you'll find separate information about Accessibility of the old site footer, in ‘About this site’). However, if you find the font sizes that have been used too small you can increase the text size using your browser to zoom, or alter the font size. These changes will have some layout implications for the page.


There are currently iframe elements on a minimal number of pages of the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. This will only affect your experience if you are using a text only browser or screen reader.

Site maps

VIew a comprehensive site map here and from the footer of all pages on the site.

Our main footer gives a good overview of the available sections in the site. The A-Z pages include indexes of each of our key academic and administrative areas.


For any Web Accessibility issues or enquiries you may have please contact Faculty of Graduate Studies’s Web Accessibility team in Information Technology and Database Management Section.