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Saturday, 9 December 2023

Information for faculty

Rules, Regulations, and Procedure for Graduate Studies

  Mahidol University Regulations
1 Academic Regulations of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, B.E. 2556
  Announcement and Criteria relating to Academic Regulations for Graduate Studies
2 English Competence Standards and English Competence Assessment Criteria of Master's Degrees (Thai and International Program), Diploma Programs, and Higher Diploma Programs B.E. 2559
3 English Competence Standards of Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University B.E. 2558
4 Ph.D. by Publication Program B.E. 2557
5 Acceptance of Transfer of Graduate Students from Other Institutions B.E. 2557
6 Regulations of Thesis Publishing for Graduation in a Master's Degree Program B.E. 2557
7 Regulations of Thesis Publishing for Graduation in a Doctoral Degree Program B.E. 2557
8 Mahidol University Senior Researcher 2014
9 Mahidol University External Experts 2014
10 English Competency Standard of Graduate Students, Mahidol University B.E. 2553
11 Assessment Criteria for Foreign Language Proficiency under the regulations of graduation for Graduate studies' education B.E. 2553
12 Course Equivalency between SIID501 and SCID500
13 Regulations on Transfer of Educational Results from Non-formal Education and/or from Informal Education to the Formal Education in the Graduate Program of Mahidol University B.E. 2557
14 Guideline Procedures for Graduate Students on Change of Academic Status B.E. 2557
15 Regulations on Extra Advisory Workload of Major Thesis Advisors B.E. 2557
16 Guidelines on Consideration of Graduate Lecturer's Teaching and Researching Experience
  Announcement and Procedures
17 The Regulation of Mahidol University on the Administration of Copyrights of the University B.E. 2547 (2004)
18 The Regulation of Mahidol University On the Administration of Patents of the University B.E. 2547 (2004)
19 Prevention of Plagiarism in the Thesis/Thematic Paper B.E.2556
20 Procedures for Disciplinary Proceedings and Penalties for Students Who Commit Fraud during an Examination