Abstract and full paper submission

The MU Research Expo 2014

1. Biological Science
  2. Physical Science and Technology
  3. Health Science
  4. Humanities, Social Science, Education and Environment

Generally, type of presentation formats is as follow :

  Poster presentation. Presenters display the essential information from their research projects on a 80cm x 120cm poster which is displayed on a large, portable display board (Mounting tape will be provided). All posters will be displayed simultaneously. Poster sessions enable interaction between the researcher and conference participants. No A/V equipment is available for poster presentations.

Poster preparation

Download Poster Poster dimensions must be 80cm x 120cm. Either a Thai or English presentation is acceptable. The fonts used must be larger than 0.5 centimeters and readable from a 1 meter distance. The presenter’s photo must appear on his/her posters. The poster content must include the introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion, acknowledgments, and references or bibliography.

All poster presenters must set up their posters during 10:00 - 15:00 Nov 30th, 2014 and have them removed by 15:00-16:00. Dec 2nd, 2014. All presenters must present at their posters during the assigned period.

Language used in presentation

  • English

Submission the Abstract/Full paper

Enter the submission site and begin submissions well in advance of the deadline. The primary cause of error in abstract/full paper submission occurs when the user is unfamiliar with the submission site and rushes to submit work at the last minute. Abstracts and full papers must be reviewed by at least 2 honorable reviewers.

Paper submission guidelines

  • One A4 page will be allowed to each abstract.

  • 8-10 pages will be allowed to each full-paper. Page numbering should NOT be set in the electronic file.

  • The electronic file of each manuscript must not exceed 6 MB in size.

  • Register for the Conference by providing your personal information

  • Submit your abstract / full paper and wait for acceptance from the readers

  • Pay your registration fee and send back your payment slip via e-mail or upload to registration system

  • Rewrite your full paper following reviewers guideline and comments

  • Upload your final draft (corrected abstract/full paper)

  • Confirm your paper submission and presentation