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Monday, 6 July 2020


Telephone : 0-2441-4125

Name Position e-mail Ext
Tikamporn Laocharoen Acting on the Head of Language Center Section 152
Asst. Prof. Dr. Karansupamas Engchuan Assistant Professor 150
Pornpimol Limcharoen Instructor 150
Phalaunnaphat Siriwongs Assistant Instructor 150
Wanod Ngaorangsi Assistant Instructor 150
Gina Masbad Nunez Language Specialist 152
Jarah Gertrudes M. Espiritu Language Specialist 150
Van Khua Piang Language Specialist 150
Kunthima Chorkrang General Administration Officer 203
Natthanishah Danmataam Educator 151
Porntip Nissa Quality Development Technical Officer 150
Sriwanna Khwanchum Educator 150
Sapanna Sriweang General Administration Officer 151
Sudkanung Sahadach Finance and Accounting Officer 150
Arnath Palaphan Educator 152