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Distinguished Thesis Awards 2015

Graduate students of Mahidol University annually produce a number of outstanding theses. Many of them demonstrate high quality research, and have been published in recognized national or international academic journals and have acquired patents. The use of research results has brought great benefits and high Government and the private sector recognition to Mahidol University. The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers Distinguished Thesis Awards 2014 to honor their excellence.

1. Objectives

  • 1.1 To promote high quality theses in the public and private sectors.
    1.2 To enhance the reputation of the relevant graduate programs.
    1.3 To enhance the reputation of the students and thesis advisors.
    1.4 To use the theses in promoting the educational standards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
    1.5 To use the Distinguished Theses selection as a promotional strategy.

2. Criteria for Thesis Nominations

  • 2.1 The thesis must be conducted and authored by a Thai or international graduate student of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, who graduated in the academic year ending  2014 (August, 1st 2014 – July, 31st 2015)
    2.2 The thesis must be written in English or Thai
    2.3 The thesis must be published and/or conform to one of the following criterion:
    2.3.1 Have been published or accepted in a national or international academic journal, but not necessarily have the author’s name positioned first; however, Mahidol University must be attributed in the article
    2.3.2 Have acquired a patent/ a copyright
    2.3.3  Have been of use or have potential application
    2.3.4 Have been presented at an academic conference: oral or poster presentation

3. Nomination Procedures of the year 2014

3.1 Nominees who are eligible to submit the theses must be the graduates of the academic year 2014 and graduated in the mentioned year with the following qualifications:
                 - The graduates of Master’s degree or Ph.D. level. Any graduate who have previously been awarded in the same category cannot apply.
                 -  Major advisors
                 -  The Chair of the Program Administrative Committee
Importantly, any nominations must receive consent and approval from contributors.
          3.2 Nominees must designate one of the following disciplinary groups; categorized by research content and methodology.  However, the thesis can be re-categorized to a more appropriate group after viewing by the Committee.
          The disciplinary groups are categorized into 4 sub-groups;
          Group 1 Biological Science, e.g. theses in Biological Science, Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Toxicology, Neurosciences
          Group 2 Physical Science and Technology, e.g. theses in Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Polymer Science, Mathematics, Biostatistics, Physics, Engineering, Information Technology
          Group 3 Health Science and Applied Health Sciences, e.g. theses in Medical Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Technology, Public Health, Food and Nutrition, Nursing, Public Health, Sports Sciences, Environment and Resource, Medical Social Sciences
          Group 4 Humanities, Social Science, Education and Liberal Arts, e.g. theses in  Public Administration, Criminology, Justice Administration, Environment, Human Ecology and Social Ecology, Social Development, Demography, Behavioral Sciences, Educational Technology, Administration Management, Curriculum and Instruction, Human Rights, Rehabilitation Service for Persons with Disabilities, Language, Religion, Culture, Folk Wisdom, Music
          3.3  Nomination packages must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies 2015 before the deadline. The required documents are:
                 3.3.1  Ten (10) copies of the application form for the Distinguished Thesis Awards, completed by the nominees who are the theses’ authors and containing specific details of the thesis objectives, publications, and uses. (downloadable from
                 - The nominees who graduated from an international program must use an English application form.
                 - While the nominees who graduated from a regular program may use either a Thai or English form.
                 3.3.2 Ten (10) copies of the thesis abstract written in Thai and Ten (10) copies of the thesis abstract written in English
                 3.3.3 One (1) copy of the completed thesis in hardcopy (that shall be returned to the applicant after the awards have been granted or the application rejected.)
                 3.3.4 Ten (10) copies of the thesis article published internationally in academic journals which are accepted in the field of study and recorded in academic databases, or Ten (10) copies of the thesis article published in the specific journals of that field.
                 If the application form and/or nomination packages in 3.3.1 – 3.3.4 are not complete, the nomination will be disqualified.
          3.4 Nominees who pass the screening selection must give an oral presentation on the date set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University.
                 3.4.1 Nominees of an international program must give the presentation in English.
                 3.4.2 Nominees of a regular program must give the presentation either in Thai or in English.

                 3.4.3 Each presenter will receive 1,000 Baht for transportation and presentation material fees.

4. Awards

           4.1  Awards



Major Advisor /
Program Director

Distinguished Thesis Award
Doctoral level / disciplinary group

50,000 Baht and a certificate

A certificate

Distinguished Thesis Award
Master’s degree level / disciplinary group

30,000 Baht and a certificate

A certificate

Outstanding Thesis Award
Doctoral level / disciplinary group

25,000 Baht and a certificate

A certificate

Outstanding Thesis Award
Master’s degree level / disciplinary group

15,000 Baht and  a certificate

A certificate

          Remarks:  Nominees who not only passes the screening selection, but also give an oral presentation will receive a certificate.
          4.2 The Faculty of Graduate Studies will consider Distinguished Thesis Awards for the 4 Disciplinary Groups.
All rights not to grant the award to any groups are reserved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies when none of the nominees meet the evaluation criteria.
          4.3 The Faculty of Graduate Studies Committee’s decision is considered final.

5. Criteria for Selection

5.1 The thesis must be original, not duplicating previous theses, texts, or procedures.
          5.2 The thesis must contain a clear hypothesis or thesis statement to be proved or disproved.
          5.3 The thesis must use appropriate research methodology and instruments for finding evidence to test the hypothesis.
          5.4 The written thesis must be in its final form and present the qualities of comprehensible research results and data.
          5.5 The thesis must contain at least one of the following characteristics:
                 5.5.1 generating a new theory or idea or disproving a previous theory or making a significant contribution to a previous theory
                 5.5.2 establishing a new procedure or new research instrument, disproving a previous procedure or instrument, or adding an essential point to them
                 5.5.3 discovering procedures of production, invention, administration, and services that are beneficial to the discipline or the manufacture of new products or contributing significant adaptations or improvements to previous procedures

6. Deadlines for Nominations for the Distinguished Thesis Awards



Submission of application form and the nomination packages

1st December 2015 – 29 th January 2016

Announcement of selection of the award winners

April 2016

Oral presentation of the selection of the award winners in a conference organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies

May 2016

Announcement of the winners of the Distinguished Thesis Awards

June 2016

The Distinguished Thesis Awards’ ceremony will be organized on the Orientation Day to welcome the freshmen students of the academic year 2016

August 2016

7. Additional enquiries

The Research and Academic Services Section The Faculty of Graduate Studies Mahidol University (Salaya Campus) Tel: 0-2441-4125 ext. 319-320 Fax: 0-2441-9427