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Sunday, 25 October 2020

Registration and payment

No. Title Description PDF File Word File
1 AS-3-04 Non-M.U. Students Request to Register Thai English  
2 AS-3-05 Refund Graduate Tuition Thai English  
3 AS-3-06 Request to register after Registration Deadline English  
4 AS-3-07 Request Form for changing education level Thai  
5 AS-3-08 Request to Study in a Course from Another University Thai English  
6 AS-3-09 Voluntarily Withdraw/Voluntarily Suspend Study Thai English  
7 AS-3-10 General Request Thai English  
8 AS-3-12 Examination Grades English  
9 AS-3-13 To Change The "I" Grade English  
10 AS-3-14 Postponed Payment Form Thai English  
11 AS-3-15 Extension Request Form Thai English  
12 บฑ.46 Course Evaluation Form Thai English  

Total : 12 Forms