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Subject Graduate Thesis Publication Awards For Graduate Students, Academic Year 2011
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Download Form (GR.SS.09)

The Faculty of Graduate Studies of Mahidol University would like to grant awards for our graduate students who have published work derived from their theses. The details for the awards of academic year 2011 are as follows:

  1 Objectives
To promote publication of work derived from thesis research by the students of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University
To enhance research quality to meet international standards

  2 Type of Research Publication
Any research work nominated for the award needs to be derived from an applicant's thesis and to have been published or accepted for publication in an international academic journal on the International database.

  3 Details of the Awards
The published work needs to be written in English and to be derived from the thesis of an applicant in a program which is coordinated with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University.
If an applicant has already graduated, the date of application submission must be no more than one year starting from the date of graduation until the date of publication.

  4 Number of Awards and Value of the Awards
The maximum number of the awards will be no more than 12 for each round of award selection.
Value of Awards
  Doctoral students   30,000 Baht for each award
  Master's students   20,000 Baht for each award

  5 Award Application
An applicant must submit the application form (GR.SS.09) to the Faculty of Graduate Students with the consent of his/her major thesis advisor and the Chair of the Program Administrative Committee. An application must be submitted with the following documents.
The application form GR.SS.09
The notification document of the applicant's thesis committee appointment
The acceptance letter for publication from the publisher. The applicant must clearly specify the name of the journal, publication year, volume and issue number.
A copy of the published work in which the name of the applicant is listed first and the name of Mahidol University is stated as his/her affiliation.

  6 Award Selection
The Faculty of Graduate Studies will appoint a committee for the award selection. The judgment of the Award Committee is final.
The applicant's research work must be accepted for publication in an academic international journal accredited for his/her study field which is listed on the ISI database or a journal accredited for a particular field in the judgment of the Award Committee.
The name of the applicant has to be listed first in the published work. Also, the name of the University must be stated as the applicant's affiliation.
In the case of applications by doctoral students, if only one research article is submitted for the award and if the same article is submitted as the article required for graduation and if it has been published in a journal with low Impact Factor, the application may be given lower priority in the award selection.
The applicant must never have received any award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
If there are any other considerations to be made apart from those stated in this announcement, the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies will make the final decision.

  7 Application Submission
From now until Tuesday May 31st, 2012

An applicant can pick up and submit the application at:
The Student Services Section, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University. (Salaya)
Tel 02-441-4125 Ext. 211-213, Fax 02-441-9511
All branches of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

  8 Results Announcement
The results will be announced at all branches of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and before Friday, June 29th, 2012.


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