Project information

Applicants' Qualification

  1. The applicants must be presently the postgraduate students at Mahidol University.
  2. The applicants must show well behavior, good personality, and self-confidence and have no educational
        issues to work as the Brand Ambassadors of Graduate Studies.
  3. The applicants must have no health issues to attend the Brand Ambassadors activities.
  4. The applicants must be able to demonstrate English language skills.
  5. **The applicants must be able to attend the Brand Ambassador activities as described in the
        "Brand Ambassador schedule" section.

Application Documents

  1. Online application form (from the "Application" section)
  2. Two colored photos, 1 whole body photo and 1 half-length photo, must be uploaded in the online
        application form.

Brand Ambassador Schedule

  1. Orientation of the Brand Ambassador Applicants
    • Date: the 26 of January 2019 (08.00-16.00)
    • Details: Orientation about the Brand Ambassador missions, USR projects, taking photos for popular votes, group project presentation
    • Preparation: two formal clothes, white shirt and blue shirt for popular votes photos.

  2. Brand Ambassador for University Social Responsibility(USR)
    • Dates: (choose only 1 day) the 6, 13, 24, 27 of February 2019
    • Details: Group project for USR at Suwannaram school, Nakornpathom
    • Preparation: (information will be provided on the Orientation day)

  3. Brand Ambassador popular vote
    • Dates: March - April 2019
    • Details: Launching the popular votes for the Brand Ambassador on social media and websites
    • Preparation: (information will be provided after the USR project)

  4. Brand Ambassador Camp and talent presentation
    • Dates: May 2019 (2 days,1 night)
    • Details: Camp activities for Brand Ambassadors and special abilities presentation
    • Preparation: (information will be provided after the USR project)

  5. Announcement of the Brand Ambassador awards
    • Dates: June July 2019
    • Details: Announcement of the five awards for Brand Ambassador 2019
    • Preparation: (information will be provided after the Brand Ambassador Camp)

Brand Ambassador Awards

1. Mr.Brand Ambassador of
    Graduate Studies
2. Ms.Brand Ambassador of
    Graduate Studies
3. The Congeniality Award
    Brand Ambassador
4. Popular Vote Brand
5. The Best Spirit Award of
    Brand Ambassador

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