Type of Activity and Expected Student Characteristics

- Select one of the following

  •   Charity
  •   Culture
  •   Ethics and Morality
  •   Sport
  •   Academic
  •   Entertainment
  •   Administration
  •   Professional Development
  •   Others ..................................................

- Expected Student Characteristics

  •   Mastery
  •   Altruism
  •   Harmony
  •   Integrity
  •   Determination
  •   Originality
  •   Leadership


Info - graphic is a presentation of information that makes readers understand easily with beautiful and beautiful images and complete content. This infographic techniques help to understand more content. Although there is a large amount of content that can be summarized to be easier to understand At present, the info-graphic technique has applications in various works such as publications , making a resume for curriculum vitae; CV or even presenting various works, and advertising products or academic articles which most graduate students have to present his thesis, especially the introduction of proposed using the power-point program which is popular for communicating with pictures, along with the components or explanations that require skills for using info-graphic like a professional, whether arrange content, image composition . In order to obtain completely content and draw the attention of the listener From the above details , it seem like the info-graphic can help reduce the secretion of information in can propose instead of using a large number of characters in the work. For this reason, the student organization therefore arranges "Professional info-graphic training"


Participants are able to produce friends media by presenting the info-graphic can be professional

target group

  • Graduate students of all programs (Foreigner students)  80
  • The number of boards in Activity   10

Characteristics of the activity


  • Professional infographic

Expected Results

  • Participants have the skills and understanding of the principles of professional information-graphic.
  • Participants are able to create media by offering info-graphic. Professionally