Type of Activity and Expected Student Characteristics

- Select one of the following

  •   Charity
  •   Culture
  •   Ethics and Morality
  •   Sport
  •   Academic
  •   Entertainment
  •   Administration
  •   Professional Development
  •   Others ..................................................

- Expected Student Characteristics

  •   Mastery
  •   Altruism
  •   Harmony
  •   Integrity
  •   Determination
  •   Originality
  •   Leadership


The Multimedia Creation Idea project has been organized by the Graduate Student Organization of the academic year 2016. It teaches students to participate in the project. This project is a gathering of students from all levels who are creative multimedia creativity. Therefore, the Multimedia Contest is designed to enhance students' creativity. The multimedia invention also enables students to show their potential and their ability to work with others. The multimedia presented to the contest also represents the identity of Mahidol University in many aspects. The view of the students of Mahidol University today is very good. The result. Mahidol University is a great place to visit.


To encourage students at all levels to participate in the Mahidol University Good Identity Project.

target group

  • Graduate students of all programs (Foreigner students)  15

Characteristics of the activity


Expected Results

  • Students at all levels of the program demonstrate the potential for effective multimedia creation.
  • All students at Mahidol University view the multimedia through creativity.
  • Students at all levels participate in the project to build a good identity for Mahidol University.