Type of Activity and Expected Student Characteristics

- Select one of the following

  •   Charity
  •   Culture
  •   Ethics and Morality
  •   Sport
  •   Academic
  •   Entertainment
  •   Administration
  •   Professional Development
  •   Others ..................................................

- Expected Student Characteristics

  •   Mastery
  •   Altruism
  •   Harmony
  •   Integrity
  •   Determination
  •   Originality
  •   Leadership


Dhamma practice It is an activity that helps develop the mind of the practitioner. Because the practice is to practice Dharma. Get used to living. Benefit in real life. Make a good life, be happy, be conscious, know how to change, understand yourself and understand others. By meditation, there are several ways. There are different styles or practices. For example, meditation, meditation, meditation, chanting, or listening to sermons, etc., is based on the individual's perceptions of how to like or approach the most. If the practitioner has knowledge and understanding in the practice. It can be adapted to suit their lifestyle.


To encourage students to develop their minds. The principle is to live.

target group

  • Graduate students of all programs (Thai students)  40
  • Graduate students of all programs (Foreigner students)  1
  • The number of boards in Activity   10

Characteristics of the activity


  • การรักษาศีล 8 ถืออุโบสถศีล
  • ศึกษาและปฏิบัติธรรม โดยการสวดมนต์ การเจริญสมาธิ และการเดินจงกรม
  • การฟังธรรมเทศนา
  • การบำเพ็ญประโยชน์ศาสนสถาน และบำเพ็ญประโยชน์จิตสาธารณะ

Expected Results