Type of Activity and Expected Student Characteristics

- Select one of the following

  •   Charity
  •   Culture
  •   Ethics and Morality
  •   Sport
  •   Academic
  •   Entertainment
  •   Administration
  •   Professional Development
  •   Others ..................................................

- Expected Student Characteristics

  •   Mastery
  •   Altruism
  •   Harmony
  •   Integrity
  •   Determination
  •   Originality
  •   Leadership


Graduate Student Organization Mahidol University The project Cultural Trip: Cultural Tour of Thailand Bangkajao to provide students and students involved with campus activities. This training guide is a graduate student in Thailand's eco-tourism. And can convey or communicate with international students. When students return to the country will be able to convey the impression that the experience of the cultural life of the people of Thailand are known to coexist with nature. It will help build a network and create a good relationship between students and student participants and Thailand. It is also a great opportunity to help promote culture and tourism of the country. The involvement of local organizations in promoting the career and income of the community another way.


target group

  • Graduate students of all programs (Foreigner students)  60

Characteristics of the activity


Expected Results

  • Graduate students Thailand And the National University Learn studied ecotourism and cultural life of the people of Thailand to co-exist with nature.
  • Graduate students both in Thailand. Foreigners and the University have the opportunity to exchange knowledge through cultural activities.
  • Graduate students both in Thailand. And a foreign university. Participating publishers engage and promote tourism.
  • Graduate students through the training guide. Have the ability to guide a graduate. To cultural events and tourism in the future.