At present, it is widely accepted that successful students both in work and personal life have some knowledge they acquire outside of school. Since Professional and Personal Skills Development or Soft skills are as important as the knowledge in school, the dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, with the approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies policy committee, saw it beneficial to provide Soft Skills development to students in the graduate programs in order to comply with the Faculty of Graduate Studies' strategies that develop the graduates' qualities to meet the international standards. The Deputy Dean for Student Affairs formed the student affairs committee consisting of representatives of all sections to set up Soft Skills development guideline under the project – Professional and Personal Skills Development.

The standard professional and personal skills required for the graduate students in Mahidol University are:

  • 1. Communication and Language Skills
  • 2. Leaderships and Management skills
  • 3. Research skills (For students with ID 59-60)
  • 4. Information Technology skills
  • 5. Creative and Innovative Skills (For students with ID 61 onwards)


  • Graduate students with student ID no. 59xxxxx and later must pass the Professional and Personal Skills Development to qualify for graduation. Every candidate student must pass at least 1 activity in every required skills.
  • The activity students take part in will be reported in their transcript.
  • Students will get a certificate for every activity attended.
  • Students can register for the activities through the website which will have a schedule of activities for the students to choose.
  • If the students' program has activities or courses that are similar to the required skills in this project, they can send a request form to the student affairs committee under the committee's agreement meeting will be held every 2 months.
  • The maximum of comparable skills in the students' program are 4 skills, one of which the student shall take in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Forms and Documents

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Rules and Regulations
Activities for Professional and Personal Skills Required for Mahidol University Graduate Students (No.2) B.E. 2561    240    Times
Skill Development Activities for Mahidol University Graduate Students B.E. 2559    210    Times
Order of appointment of the student affairs committee, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University    4,267    Times
Forms of Student Activity
Project/Activity Form    41    Times
Recognition of Equivalent Activities Request Form for Professional and Personal Skills Development(For the department)    39    Times
Document submission procedure for project comparison    239    Times
Request for Approval for Professional and Personal Skills Development Activities (For student)    598    Times

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