I am currently studying in PhD in Social Economic and Administrative Pharmacy (SEAP) Faculty of Pharmacy.

I love Thailand since my first time visit last few years ago. My friends were studying from MU, Faculty of Pharmacy as well and they share about their knowledge and experiences about pharmacy professional that they have learnt and gained from Mahidol University and it was so impressed.

I choose Mahidol University as well because MU is #1 university in Thailand, with fruitful and colorful outcomes; which were generated by MU make me confident to study here. Moreover, I feel that Thailand is my home country as it is one of my neighbor countries and I would not experience the culture shock. The welcoming of Thailand as well as from MU touch my heart as well as SEAP family welcoming international students is cheerful and make me as a family member.

I am so exciting and energetic to be on board with SEAP family in MU. MU makes my future brighter and broader. Why not visit MU and get the marvelous experiences...

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