It was my dream to join Medical University for seeking a degree in Medicine and become a Doctor. Unfortunately, my application was turned down. Then, I decided to join Medical Technology field in 1997. In Pakistan, laboratory medicine department was established in 1957, and first diploma /certificate awarding institute "School of Medical Technology" started in 1961, currently recognized as "College of Medical Laboratory Technology, National Institute of Health, Islamabad". The same institute from where I got Diploma in 1999. I continued my career in Medical Technology and got B.Sc and M.Sc Medical Technology (1999-2003) from Baqai Medical University, Karachi. In 2004, I got a job in Isra University hospital laboratory as "Clinical lab Manager", and along with job got a Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) degree in Biochemistry from the same University in 2010.

During seven years of the period, I was trained more than 50 Lab. Technicians, as well as well-managed and organized staff with the setup of a Molecular lab and other advance technology equipments. Nevertheless, still a big gap of knowledge in the clinical field and professional jealousy by medical doctors are the boost up factors for my advanced studies. To fill this gap and fight against professional jealousy in a positive way, I applied for Ph.D degree (Medical Technology) at Mahidol University. However, I am the first student of Pakistan for seeking Ph.D in Medical Technology field.

After graduating from Mahidol University, I will serve for my country with honor, dignity, honesty, and working hard. I learn a lot from my respectable professors, advisor & co-advisor and every person who get involved with my success during the whole period. Being alumni, I would like to make my relationship with my faculty and get involved in future projects of sharing knowledge, student exchange, and referring good scholars for advanced studies.

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