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Saturday, 9 December 2023

Upon Arrival

Arriving at Mahidol University

Registered metered taxi service is available at the airport with an extra 50 BAHT charge and the taxi queue is located just outside the arrival area. It should cost around 400 to 500 BAHT (10 to 12 USD) to get to Salaya Campus. Please note that "registered meter-taxi service" is different from "airport taxi". The latter belongs to the airport and costs more than the metered taxi (or about 800 to 900 BAHT,or 18 to 20 USD).

If you are looking for the most economical choice, take the airport bus. The last stop is at Rajadamnoen Road and costs 60 BAHT (1.50 USD). Then get off the bus and take a metered taxi. Tell the driver that you would like to go to Mahidol University, Salaya Campus. The approximate cost from Rajadamnoen Road to the Salaya Campus should be between 120 to 150 BAHT (4 to 5 USD).


To become a student, you need to report to the program as specified in your letter of acceptance. You can then register for courses as suggested by the program via electronic mail.

Fill out the forms in your information package which includes:

  • Personal information form

  • Letter of intent
    tudents who travel for any educational activities need to comply with the rules and regulations issued by the university and the program. The student will be responsible for the expense caused by any violation which results in damages, and must pay back the university with interest accordingly.

  • Intellectual Property Form
    Any Intellectual Property resulting from the work done at Mahidol University, is owned by Mahidol University with profit-sharing according to Mahidol University regulations.

  • Physical Health Examination Form and make an appointment for a check up. The results from the physical exam will make you eligible for the university's health insurance and services needs to be returned to the IRS within one week.