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Friday, 24 May 2024

List of courses whose contents covering ethics in human subject research

The Mahidol University Institutional Review Board (MU-IRB) hereby announces the guidelines for satisfying its requirements for graduate students (Master's - Doctoral degree) in the area of Ethics in Human Research. Students are required to demonstrate that they have acquired an understanding of the protection of Human Research Subjects.

Firstly, they can do this by attending the Conference on Ethics in Human Research held by the Faculty of Graduate Studies/Institutional Review Board and by obtaining a certificate of attendance from the conference. Alternatively, they can attend one of a number of courses provided by various MahidolUniversity faculties which address the area of Ethics in Human Research. Graduate students are not required to register for the course. They must, however, attend the specific classes related to Ethics in Human Research and they must submit a certificate of attendance with signatures of both course coordinator and lecturer(s) to MU-IRB. The following courses are approved by MU-IRB as satisfying their requirements:

No. Subject Faculty Contact
1 SCID 518 Generic Skills in Science Research (for international program students only) Faculty of Science Tel. 0-2201-5837
2 DTID 514 Research Methodology (Lecture in Thai) Faculty of Tropical Medicine Tel. 0-2306-9130
3 TMCD 503 Introduction to Clinical Research (Lecture in Thai) Faculty of Tropical Medicine Tel. 0-2306-9130
4 TMID 514 Research Methodology and Design (Lecture in Thai) Faculty of Tropical Medicine Tel. 0-2306-9130
5 RANS 600 Research Methodology and Research Utilization Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Tel.0-2201-2018
6 PYID 685 Research Methodology Faculty of Pharmacy Tel. 0-2644-8677-91 ext.1131
7 GRID 521 Research Ethics Faculty of Graduate Studies Tel.0-2441-4125 ext.319-320
8 PTPT 607 Advanced Research Methodology Faculty of Physical Therapy Tel.0-2441-5450 ext.20205
9 SHPP 562 ระเบียบวิธีวิจัยขั้นสูง Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Tel.0-2800-2040-79 ext. 1259
10 SHPA 516 ระเบียบวิธีวิจัยทางรัฐประศาสนศาสตร์ Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Tel.0-2800-2040-79 ext.1260
11 TMSE 502 Applied Social Sciences in Tropical Medicine Faculty of Tropical Medicine Tel.0-2306-9130
12 สศอค 603 การวิจัยด้านอนามัยครอบครัว Faculty of Public Health Tel.0-2354-8543 – 9 ext.1306,1311
13 สศบส 612 วิธีวิจัยทางด้านการบริหารสาธารณสุข Faculty of Public Health Tel.02-644-8833 ext.191,192
14 รมพย 609 Advanced Research Design in Nursing Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Tel.0-2441-4234
15 SICL 636 Professional Ethics Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Tel.0-2441-4234
16 PHBS 630 Research Methods in Health Science Faculty of Public Health Tel.0-2354-8543-49, 0-2354-8527, 0-2354-8537
17 PYPY 671 Research Methodology in Social Sciences I Faculty of Pharmacy Tel.0-2644-8677-91 ext.1131
18 REHB 582 Research Methodology in Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Disabilities Ratchasuda College Tel.0-2889-5308
19 PHAD 516 Ethics in Health System Faculty of Public Health Tel.0-2644-8833
20 PHID 611Research Methodology in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Faculty of Public Health Tel.0-2354-0999 ext.3301
21 ENTM501 : Environmental Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies Tel.0-2441-5000 ext.1101
22 RACE 603 Research Protocol Designs Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Tel.0-2201 1589
23 PHPN 673 Nursing Research and Statistics Faculty of Public Health Tel. 0-2354 8542
24 ICBM 518 Research Methodology in Practice Mahidol University International College Tel. 0-2 679 5053
25 ADPM 628 Research Methodology: Principles of Research Ethics ASEAN Institute for Health Development Tel. 0-2 441 9551

Students who would like to attend the courses above must give a notification from their program director or thesis advisors to the course coordinator before attending the classes. The certification form is available to be downloaded at