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Saturday, 9 December 2023

Before Departure

When you have been accepted to study in Mahidol University, IRS of FGS will send a letter of acceptance, a certification letter for use in applying for your non-immigrant visa and a confirmation form for enrollment to study at Mahidol University and inform us about your arrival date and details.

Before leaving your country, please ensure that you have prepared all items in the following list:

Important Documents
  • a copy of certificate of acceptance to Mahidol
  • a copy of your academic transcript
  • passport
Visa requirement documents

Financial preparations
  • travellers' checks
  • bank account
Scholarship information
  • a letter of an award receive

Visa Application

Once your application has been approved, IRS of FGS will issue a letter of acceptance and a letter foryour visa application. The IRS office needs to know which Thai Embassy or Consulate you are going to apply for your student visa in order to address documents to that location.

You should never try to enter as a tourist if you are coming to Thailand as a full-time student. The procedure to change your visa status is cumbersome and will take up a lot of your time. In order to change your visa status after you have entered Thailand, you are required to have at least 30 valid days until your present visa expires. Several documents are required from both the university and you, which will take time to produce. Therefore, we strongly advise that you enter Thailand with the appropriate non-immigrant visa to avoid visa problems.

Once the Thai immigration officer has admitted you into the country, your passport will be stamped with the conditions of entry. The expiry date of your entry stamp supersedes your visa. This means you will have to renew your visa and/or conditions of stay before the expiry date. It is this date that you Must remember, and make sure never to over-stay your visa. Please contact IRS if you are unsure about any of the above visa details.


Mahidol University does not have a housing service. However there is private housing which has used and recommended by Mahidol University alumni from each campus including;

List of Domitory