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     Exceptional Admission
  Some programs have individual admission process. Applicants who wish to apply for the following programs MUST DIRECTLY CONTACT & SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION with responsible program's staff via the given links

   Faculty of Public Health:
  • Master of Public Health program (MPH)

   Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies:

  • MA in Human Rights and Democratisation (International Programme)

   Faculty of Tropical Medicine:

  • Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Tropical Medicine (International Program)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Clinical Tropical Medicine
    (International Program)
  • Master of Science Programme in Tropical Medicine (International Program)
  • Master of Crinical Tropical Medicine Program in Tropical Pediatrics
    (International Program)
  • Master of Crinical Tropical Medicine (International Program)
  • Master of Science Programme in Biomedical and Health Informatics
    (International Program)
  • Graduate Diploma Programme in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
    (International Program)
  • Graduate Diploma Programme in Biomedical and Health Informatics
    (International Program)

   Institute for Population and Social Research:

  • Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Demography (International Program)
  • Master of Arts Programme in Population and Reproductive Health Research
    (International Program)
  • Master of Arts Programme in Population and Social Gerontology
    (International Program)

   ASEAN Institute for Health Development:

  • Master of Primary Health Care Management (MPHM)


Prospective Students

Thank you very much for your kind interest in our graduate programs. Before getting start, we would like you to fully research relevant information available in the following topics. Please note those information can incredibly ease your admission and give you more changes to success our admission.

Our Admission Deadline

Semester of Application Admission Deadline
Semester 1 (August – December) May 31
Semester 2 (January- May) October 31

                * Application/submitting documents beyond the deadline of each semester will not be accepted.

Before you apply

     All applicants are expected to visit the following links before making application
General Information
Curriculums / programs
FAQs & Estimated Tuition Fees

Thoroughly research the program/course you are interested in, make sure you now have the enough information you need to apply of the program. All applicants are expected to clearly know the following information regarding to the program before submission :

  • Program name/code.
  • Responsible faculty/ institute/ college
  • Application deadline dates, and payment deadline dates of each semester. You need to submit both the application and the required supporting documentation by the advertised dates.
  • The relevant required supporting documents.
  • The minimum and specific requirements of the program you wish to apply for.
  • Email addresses of your academic referees.
  • Credit card (for application fee)

Make sure you have all supporting documents which ready to be sent before making the application. The supporting documents may vary by program, so always check the department website for which specific documents are additionally needed. However, supporting documents which usually required for all applicants must include :

  • Recent photograph (passport size)
  • Degree certificate (official English translation)
  • Academic transcript (official English translation)
  • Passport
  • English proficiency certificate (TOEFL / IELTS / MU Test)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purposes and Career Goals (complete via the online admission system)
  • Recommendation Forms (to be sent by the online admission system)

Additional documents (if any)

  • Current financial statement (required if apply for Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • Brief research proposal (recommended to be submitted for all applicants)
  • Other documents (professional license, work certificate, publication, etc.)

The above mentioned documents are required for all applicants. Investing your time to well-prepare them before making application is strongly suggested. Please note that without those supporting documents (including the references), your application will not be accepted.

Before making an application, you must initially notify your academic referees they will be contacted by email for issuing Recommendation Forms. Very importantly, you must be sure that they will be happy to do so and able to provide their recommendation back to the Admission Section by the submission deadline.

Preferred Documents

  • All supporting documents must be in English which were officially issued and certified by government office, embassy, university, and academic institution.
  • Documents to be uploaded via the online admission system must be color-scanned in PDF format and ready to be uploaded before access to the online admission system.
  • Documents to be submitted via postal mail should be in A4 size. In addition, two sets of document are required to be sent in the same envelope.

Only Complete Application will be processed. The Admission Section will consider whether your application is complete on the following basis :

Please note that the keys to success your admission to Mahidol University mostly depend on the following factors :

  • How complete are your applications and documents?
  • How fast can your documents reach to the Admission Section?
  • How fast can your referees send a Recommendation Form back to the university?
  • How fast do you make payment?

Our Selection process and decision

The decision on admission is made by the program committee after careful consideration of all applications documents (including interview or additional examination for some programs). Evaluation is based on a combination of factors such as academic merit, academic degree and record, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores and relevant work experience.

Other considerations may include the potential for future contributions to the academic or professional fields, research interest of the professors involved in each degree program and the relevance of the academic preparation for the chosen course of study, the number of applications expected each semester, the availability of an appropriate supervisor and institutionís resource, etc. As English is the medium of instruction, proficiency in English in the form of TOEFL/IELTS is also considered.


Time taken to process your application

It may be several months until your application result will be issued, especially for those programs who schedule to consider all applications after the deadline. The time taken to process your application depends on the program that you are applying for and the completeness of your application. If your qualification is not known to us or if your documents are not fully complete, it will take longer. Therefore making sure you have well-prepared all required documents before making application is very importance.

Our application assessment process is thorough. It can take up to 6-8 weeks or greater to finish the entire process. To ensure the fastest response time please follow our application instructions carefully.

Please note that the university always receives many applications at the time of deadlines (31 March and 30 September). Delays may be experienced for applications submitted at those times; applying before that period is recommended.